They say if you were born beside the sea you will connect with the huge blue in a special way. It is difficult to be for a long time far away from it because you need to smell it, hear it, feel it near you. The sea is as a heart that beats to keep us alive.

Anatomy of a wave shows the experiences lived through the physical and spiritual journey of the human soul.

The footprints on the sand are the scars of our soul which talk about our life, our memory, our trip and the journey we still have to go through, about the dreams we have still to achieve.

At any unexpected moment, one wave can arrive and devastate all those traces and memories.

Once more, I talk about time and its fugacity. I use my own memories to reflect about what I have lived and what I will live in the future. I would like to ask the public to stop and enjoy the present because we never know what is waiting for us around the corner.

I showed five post-editied photographs where you can discover a memory from my childhood, my past, inside every footprint. Some footprints are shown on the floor where they mix with the waves that can arrive at any time and change our destiny.

After the first presentation to the public, I continued working and created a second edition of “Anatomy of a wave” where I introduce small gestures from Land Art. During July and August of this year, 2016, accompanied by my father, I went all over the Asturias coast to take the pictures that compose this body of work. I would paint my feet when I got to the beach, later I walked across the sand and finally I took the photographs. My aim with this series is to capture the evolution, transformation and disappearance of footprints as a metaphor of a life in continuous evolution.

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