An offering to the several spiritual deaths of the soul during its human experience.

A conversation about self-knowledge and the several transformations we experience during our lives.


This is a personal project that talks about self-knowledge, talks about the several transformations we experience during our lives, it talks about saying goodbye, closing doors and getting rid of what is finished because only then we will have space to welcome new experiences. It is an autobiographical project as well as an invitation to the public to start their own inner journey.

The beginning of this project was by chance, after a family lunch, I felt surprised by the beauty of the fish bones so I cleaned them and painted them with bitumen judaicum and gold pigment. For a long time, I have been inspired and curious about the funeral rituals in other cultures and religions so I started to investigate and at the same time play and create modern still life with the intention of creating my own ritual that will be, at the same time, a tribute to life.

The process of work is a reflection of real life, the way I make decisions about the images I was compiling for months, choosing some and deleting others.

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